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On this page you will mostly find contet about me, Oskar Sundgot Over. It is also an aim to fill you in on the latest projects I am working on. By projects I mean application-development that I fill my daytime job with. In the short run I would wish to enlighten you on my life so far. Boring you say? Maybe you find my CV, Work projects, Pictures or Links sections more amusing. Still interested in my life so far? Read the following sections.

Prehistoric times ...

I was borned June 2. same year as the name of that fantastic Smashing Pumpkins song, "1979". Even though the 70's is claimed by many to be the best decade, I can't really remember any of it. It's a pitty you say? Well, only people as old as my father and upwards remember anything of it anyway. Although I'll have to admit; I still find amusement in picking on people who didn't get to experience this decade.

Okey, that's enough about antecedents times. We live in a new century now. So we got some cathing up to do!

The 80's...

Much can be said about the 80's, but most things is best not to be said. Therefore i keep his section short. I had a happily childhood in the great suburbans of lesund. A city on the north-west part of Norway for those who never been to Norway or for all those people from the south-east part of Norway who doesn't know anything about geography. The second half of this decade I spend most of the time with my friends playing football (soccer) or playing games, first a Commadore Vic-20 then, later an Amiga 500. I newer understood at that time why Motley Crew was so into "Girls, Girls, Girls" (song).

The 90's...

Ahh... the 90's, finally I new what Motley Crew was all about. But I got a new problem; The Norwegian translation of the word "Poison". Alice Copper's song "Poison" was the cause. In Norwegian the english word "Poison" is pronounced "Gift" The problem was that this Norwegian word also have the meaning "Marriage". Was Alice Cooper having a laugh about my native language or was it me that was stupid? Now I know it was the latter.

What else happend of some importance in this time of my life? I got through High School and College before completing the initial service in the army. After som working back with my parents and 6 months in the army, it was time to find out what to do with my life. It was time to prepare for the new century.

A new century...

Autumn year 2000 I began my journey towards my degree in Bachelor of Information Systems. My choice was The Norwegian School of Information Technology mainly after recommendation from the now departed Andr Teige, my former Volleyball-coach and older brother of my good friend Robert. It strikes my heart thinking of it.

I completed my degree in three years. The last 5 months I worked with my diploma paper, developing an intranet for the Norwegian Ministry of Health. During this spell I fell in love with my beautiful and lovable girlfriend Annelin. After 6 months studying to become a Master of Science I decided to accept a full time job offer.

Since then...

I've been working full-time in the software company Dialogplan as. Mostly programming Web-solutions designed for assisting in Sales and Marketing business.

Moved together with Annelin. Bought a new apartment in Nydalen Kvarter, moved in summer of 2006.

Website statement
This webpage is ment as a small infosite about me and my life so far. It's not, in any way, made/written to show my professional abilities in webdevelopment, that is my profession.

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